1900 - 1914 Russia

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Life in Russia in 1914

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Question Answer
What was the population of Russia in 1914? 125 Million (Roughly the same as America at the time)
How many were peasants? 80%-90% of the population around 113 million people
Why did peasants suffer from regular famines? Up until 1861, all peasants had been slaves. With emancipation they had not been given enough land to sustain themselves.
Why did rapid industrialization cause problems for peasants? Growing population - more mouths to feed. High taxes - to fund industrial growth
Why did the urban population double from 1900 to 1914? People moved to the cities in search of work to escape life as a starving peasant. The French were giving large amounts of money to Russia to help them industrialize.
What were living conditions like in Russian cities? Houses had to be built quickly so there were no working sewage systems or clean water supplies. Often more than one family lived in the same room. Cholorea spread quickly
What were working conditions like in Russian cities? No health and safety, working on open machinery, 12 to 16 hour shifts, high rates of child labour, barely enough pay to keep themselves alive.
What was a positive effect of industrialization on Russian workers? Brought the population together so they could complain together and spread opposition to the Tsar.
How was Russia controlled in 1914? Autocracy - ruled solely by Tsar Nicholas II. No elected Government
What was Tsar Nicholas II like as a leader? Weak and indecisive, he was only really comfortable with commanding Russia's army
Which two people had a lot of influence over the Tsar? His German wife - the Tsarina The monk - Rasputin who claimed to be healing the Tsar's sick son.