3. Scope Management (Rita's)

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Requirement vs Scope? Requirements (product scope): define product behavior; what users want from the product Scope (project scope): define required activities to build the product
Input for Scope Management Plan? Charter Approved subsidiary management plans
Scope creep? Uncontrolled changes leading to continually growing scope
Business requirements? The reasons the project was initiated.
Stakeholder requirements? Needs from stakeholders Not all are valid
Solution requirements Product scope Includes: functional and non-functional requirements
Functional requirements Product behaviors
Non-functional requirements Enhancements or supplements of functional requirements
Transition requirement Requirements to transit the present "as is" to the future "to be"
Project requirement Processes and requirements the project needs to meet
Quality requirement Criteria for acceptance of deliverables
Output of Validate Scope process? Client's acceptance of deliverables Changed requests
Does scope need approval before project work start? YES
Where do requirements come from? from all identified stakeholders
Should all requirements from stakeholders accepted? NO. Requirements must be evaluated against the business case
Do small and simple projects need WBS? YES. All projects should have WBS.
Can WBS be reused? YES
What WBS is used for? provides scope (project boundary) and give opportunity to identify more
WBS is an effective communication tool with... (who)? Stakeholders
Team completed the project with some extra feature that the client did not ask for. The client was extremely happy. What is the problem? Gold plating is not allowed in any circumstances
Activity? A task (in real life) A piece of work scheduled for the project
Schedule Variance formula? SV = EV - PV
Cost Variance formula? CV = EV - AC
The most valuable result of WBS is... (for who)? Team buy-in
The lowest level of WBS can be done by one person, true or false? FALSE
Who develops the scope baseline? The project team (after gathering requirements)
What does scope baseline include? WBS, WBS Dictionary and Project Scope Statement
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