2. Project Information & Initiation

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Have all information regarding the project before starting

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Task #1: Perform project assessment (Initiating) Evaluate the feasibility of the deliverables Based on: available information, lessons learned, meetings
Task #2: Identify key deliverables (Initiating - New) Manage client expectations and direct the achievement of project goals Based on: business requirements
Initiator/Sponsor? Create SOW, Business case and Contracts
Business case? Business needs + cost-benefit analysis Description of what org is trying to get out of a project
SOW? Narrative description of deliverables Business need Strategic plan
Task #4: Identify high-level risks, assumptions and constraints (Initiating) Propose implementation strategy Based on: Expert, historical data, EEF, OPA
Task #5: Participate in developing project charter (Initiating) Ensure project stakeholders are in agreement on its elements
Process #1: Develop Project Charter (Initiating - Integration)
Project charter? Project is officially authorized High level requirements, assumptions, constraints Summary of milestones Business case
Facilitation techniques? Techniques to get everyone on the same page
Constraints? Main: Scope, Time, Cost Others: Resources, Quality, Risk One change can affect one or more constraints
Who creates project charter? Project Initiator/Sponsor Can be delegated to PM
Who signs the project charter? Project Initiator/Sponsor
Should the project charter has all the details? NO. It should be broad enough so that no changes are needed for most little changes in the project
Task #6: Obtain approval for project charter from sponsor (Initiating) Formalize the authority assigned to PM Gain commitment and acceptance for the project
Stakeholders? Impacted by the outcome of the project.
Stakeholders examples? Sponsor, client, seller, business partner, functional manager, ...
Task #3: Perform stakeholder analysis (Initiating) Align expectations and gain support
Process #2: Identify Stakeholder (Initiating - Stakeholder)
Stakeholder register? All details regarding identified stakeholders (assessment info, classification, ...)
Stakeholder analysis technique? Identify interests, expectations, relationships and influence of stakeholders. Define approach strategy. Assess how key stakeholders react
Why analyzing stakeholders? Build relationship to enhance project's chance of success. Align expectations and gain support
Some classification models for stakeholders analysis? Power/Interest: auth vs lv of concern Power/Influence: auth vs lv of involvement Influence/impact: involvement vs ability to change project planning/exec Salience: Power vs Urgency vs Legitimacy
Task #7 - Conduct benefit analysis with stakeholders (Initiating - New) Validate project alignment with organization strategy and expected business value
Task #8 - Inform stakeholders of approved project charter Ensure common understanding of key deliverables, milestones and their roles and responsibilities
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