Physical Weathering

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Physical weathering = Rock broken up in situ. Simply smaller bits of the same rock. No change to chemical makeup.
Freeze-thaw 1) Water gets trapped in joints/bedding planes & freezes.
Freeze-thaw 2) Expands (by 9%), putting pressure on the rock.
Freeze-thaw 3) If this happens repeatedly, the rock will weaken & shatter into angular fragments. e.g. Snowdon
Freeze-thaw 4) These fragments are deposited as scree.
Exfoliation = Happens in area with hot/dry climates.
Exfoliation 1) Heat causes outer layers to heat faster than inner layers.
Exfoliation 2) Expansion causes cracks parallel with the surface.
Exfoliation 3) Cooling causes contraction, producing cracks at right angles to the surface.
Exfoliation 4) Pressure on the lower rock is released, causing surface crack.
Exfoliation 5) Top layer eventually peels off.
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