Promotion and Integrated Marketing Communications

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what is the promotional mix and what are the 4 types of promotion? the specific mix of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations that a firm uses to persue its advertising and marketing objectives
what is integrated marketing communications? the concept under which a company integrates it's communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent, compelling message. needs to be coherent
what are the 2 strategies used to promote a product or service? push strategy: use sales force/trade promotion to push product through channels pull strategy: calls for advertising and consumer promotion to build consumer demand that will pull product through channels
what are the 4 major decisions in advertising? 1. objective setting 2. budget decisions 3. message decision 4. media deicisons then - advertising evaluation-communication impact, sales and profit impact, return on adversiting
3 types of advertising advertinsing (aims of advertising) informative persuasuve reminder
4 things to consider when selecting advertising media 1. reach (% of TM exposed to ad) 2. frequency (how many times average person will see ad) 3. timing 4. impact (the qualitative value of a message)
3 ways you can evaluate an advertisement's effectiveness? -measure/testing -pre-testing (before campaign run, may involve mock ad's) -post-testing (statistical analysis of sales data, brand recognition, recall)
what is direct marketing? the direct communications with carefully targeted individual consumers to obtain an immediate response e.g. direct mail, telephone, online, direct response TV
what is sales promotion? short term insentives to encourage purchase or sales of a product or service e.g. coupons, contest, price reductions, free gifts
what is public relations and what are it's benefits? e.g. a fed news story, speeches, special events, sponorship. benefits: low level persistence, more real than ads, can work with ppl who avoid ads, borrows credibility from 3rd party
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