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Psychology The scientific study of behavior and mental (cognitive) processes of humans and animals
Wilhelm Wundt German Physiologist who founded the first experimental psychology laboratory.
Structuralism The study of elements of consciousness.
William James founder of functionalism and offered
introspection The process of examining ones self and ones actions to gain insight.
Functionalism Functionalism is the psychological school of thought that followed structuralism and moved away from focusing on the structure of the mind with concern of the behavior.
Psychoanalysis This therapy concentrates on bringing forward repressed unconscious thought.
Gestalt Psychology Psychological perspective that emphasizes that the mind tends to perceive unified wholes and patters rather than the bits and pieces that make up those wholes and patterns.
Phrenology Measuring intelligence by the bumps on the head
Behaviorism psychology should be a science for only studying what can be only observed
John B Watson Father of behaviorism
Little Albert baby who was trained to be scared of a white mouse
Ivan pavlov Studying the digestion of dogs
B.F Skinner Operant conditioning; which uses reinforcers or consequences to change behavior.
Humanistic Psychology Psychological perspective that emphasizes on the human capacity for choice and growth
Abraham Maslow believed that people are really good, and from deviating from this natural tendency results in social and psychological problems
Carl B. Rogers Client - centered therapy where the therapist creates a relationship that the patient can use for personal growth. Self actualizing tendency.
Nature v. Nature .
Basic research v. implied research .
Clinical Psychology Goal is to assess, diagnose and treat variety of mental disorders.
Psychiatrist Can prescribe medication and has a medical degree.
Industrial / Organizational / (i/o) Psychologist Studies behaviors in the workplace or and the market place.
Human Factors Psychologist Studies how the mind and body interacts with its tools and environment.
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