Legal, Social and Ethical implications of ICT

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Data Protection Act Purpose: to protect personal data
Data Subjects the people who are having their personal electronic data processed by an organisation.
Data Controllers these are the staff at an organisation responsible for processing the personal data
DPA Exemptions  The data is held for personal, family or recreational purposes  The data is concerned with the processing of information related to wages, pensions and accounts  The data is being held in the interests of national security or the prevention of crime  The data is for statistical or research purposes
Computer Misuse act Purpose: to prevent hacking and the introduction of viruses
Computer misuse offences  Unauthorised access to computer material (that is, a program or data)  Unauthorised access to a computer system with intent to commit or facilitate the commission of a serious crime  Unauthorised modification of computer material
Copyright designs and patents act Purpose: aimed to protect the intellectual property of individuals and organisations that create and produce materials based on their own individual ideas
Health and safety Main issues Stress RSI Eye strain Aches and pain
Users with visual impairments Braille Keyboard Braille Printer Zoom Text to speech
Users with mobility impairments Foot mouse Joystick Roller mouse Eye typer Speech recognition
Enviromental impacts Reduce paper through online use Fuel systems in cars reduce fuel use video conferencing reduces carbon footprint
E-waste Electronic waste
Reduction of E-waste Recycling centres reduce landfill and digital dumping
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