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Equal Opportunities This means that when casting for my production, I cannot discriminate against a certain group of people, and have to give everyone an equal chance. The government put legislation into place so that people cannot be discriminated against, these include: Sex Discrimination act 1975 Race Relations act 1976 Equal Pay acts 1970 and 1983 Disability Discrimination act 1995 Human Rights act 1998 These were put into place so that no matter what minority group someone came from, they would get the same opportunity as everyone else. These are the laws that I would have to consider if I was creating a full film for entertainment purposes to the public.
Ownership of material and copyright Copyright is the legal right which means that the creator of a piece of work has the exclusive rights to use and distribute the work. Copyright is like having a patent on a product, the law is only on this work for a set amount of time, this is normally the life span of the creator (50-80 years). After this time, the copyright law on the original work expires. If you come up with an idea for a brand new television show which could quite well become a hit, but then get fired, you don’t have the rights to the idea, the company that you were working for have the rights. I have tried to come up with a brand new idea for my production so I don’t use any copy written material. I have done this using some unconventional aspects of a horror film is my production.
Contracts A contract is a legal document which binds a person to a specific agreement. The is media industry, contracts are needed to bind an actor to a specific production. The contract is normally for a fixed amount of time and if broken by someone, they can be sued. Written in contracts normally is a section on confidentiality. This means that the person involved in the project cannot tell anyone about the production if it is written in the agreement. Confidentiality is important to a contract as it stops people from outside the project gaining knowledge about the project, which could be used for their own benefit. For my production, I have made all of my actors to sign a contract, which would bind them to my production.
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