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What are the main aspects of 'Mise en Scene'? -location/setting -props -costume and makeup -performance/body language
What is Cinematography? Moving images 'the art of photography and camerawork in film-making'
What is a Canted Angle? 'Dutch Angle' - When the camera is slanted or on a slope
What is a Tracking Shot? This is used to follow the movement of the characters -draws you in -the camera is moving on a track
What is Zoom? This is adjusting the camera to simulate a tracking shot
What is an Arc Shot? When thew camera moves 360' around the scene.
1) What is a Panning Shot? 2) What is a Tilt Shot? 1) Along (left to right) 2) Vertically (up and down)
What is a Crane Shot? When the camera is on a crane and it moves up and down.
What is an Extreme Long Shot? - Used at the start of a new scene or film - Used to set the scene
What is a Long Shot? When you can make out a figure and the background still dominates.
What is a Medium Shot? When the camera is moving closer to the action and you can see facial expressions. You can also see both the subject and are aware of whats in the background.
What is a Close Up? This is almost like a headshot. The character is the main focus and the background is blurred. You can clearly see facial expressions.
What is an Extreme Close Up? This is so close in that you can only make out part of the shot eg. eye or facial feature. This is used rarely.
What is the Rule Of Thirds? This puts the points  of interest on the grid lines e.g eyes are on the grid lines. Also used when you want looking space (character on right, looks to the left)
What is Depth of Field? This is what is in and out of focus. - Shallow Focus = character is in focus and the background isn't.
What is Deep Focus? When everything is in focus.
What is Pull Focus? Manipulating the focus of a shot.
What is Dieyetic Sound? Sound that comes from the world of the film. e.g Dialogue Sound effects
What is Non-Dieyetic Sound? Characters can't hear the music.
What is a Plot? This can be charted and outlined to highlight critical events during a movie.
What is a Story? - About creating details and embellishments to make the plot engaging. - Why you watch/read the event.
What are the main criteria of Mise en Scene? -Location/Setting -Props -Costume and Make-Up -Performance/Body Language
What are the main criteria of Cinematography? -Lighting -High Angle -Low Angle -Canted Angle -Camera Movements -Handheld POV -Long Shot -Focus -Rule of Thirds
What are the main criteria of Editing? -the power of cut -fade -dissolve or cross fade -shot duration -180' rule -jump cutting -match on action -shot/reverse shot -cross cutting -montage
What are the main criteria of Narrative? -Plot =Explicitly presents events e.g man enters room - Story =Explicitly presents events plus information inferred by the audience e.g man shows emotion, sad, happy
What is the Three Act Structure? Act 1 - Setup Act 2 - Confrontation Act 3 - Resolution
What is Stereotyping? Assumptions that have researched some form of consensus amongst a particular social group or culture.
What is Iconography? Films which contain visual and audio images which become instantly recognisable and associated with the genre. e.g Gangster Films feature the iconic 'Tommy' Gun
What is a (Genre) Hybridity? A genre which contains and combines elements of two genres e.g Horror/Comedy romantic/Comedy Scifi/Horror
What is a Sub-Genre? A Variation of a genre. e.g Horror -Zombie -Supernatural -Slasher
What is a Briculague? A film that includes a number of genres. This appeals to a much larger audience.
What are the Stages of Production? -Development -Pre-Production -Production -Post-Production -Distribution
What are the main aspects of a High Concept Film? -Big Stars -Briculouge -Adaptation - Sequal, Prequal -Director -Special Effects -Production Values
What is an Art House Film? Films that are often slower in pace, character rather than plot driven and less dependant on special effects and stars.
What are the advantages of Digital Cinema? -Cheaper -Better Quality (will not degrade and cannot be scratched) -More access -Faster -More effectively distributed -Convergence
What are the Disadvantages of Digital Cinema? -A film projector will cost £25,000 and last on average 30-40 years. -The initial cost for converting cinemas to digital are high: up to £75,000 per screen or more.
What is a British Film? -Filmed in the Uk -Set in the UK -Casting, who is in that film -Director and crew -Specific cultural content e.g Submarine and Albatross
What is Black Comedy? Shouldn't be funny, dark or serious
What is Dry Humour? Very under stated, not sure if offensive or funny (sarcastic)
What is an Innuendo? Not mean't to be funny but sounds it, not saying it directly.
What is a Slapstick? Physical humour
What is Absurd Humour Silly and over the top.
What is Cringe Humour? Humour from social embarrassment.
What is Gross Out Humour? Something disgusting but funny to the audience.
What is a Parody? Making fun of a certain genre or film
What is Bitter Sweet Comedy? Comedy drama, serious but funny at points
What is a Blanket Release? A release strategy that involves booking a film into as many theatres as possible simultaneously to cash in on the expected demands created through advertising.
What is a Distribution Window? Ways in which a film can be sold beyond theatrical exhibition.
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