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Atom An ATOM is made up of a tiny central nucleus with electrons around it
Element An ELEMENT is a substance that is made of only one sort of atom
Compound When ELEMENTS react with each other; their atoms join together to form compounds
Compounds formed from reactions between non-metels consist of ______________ MOLECULES
Alkali A type of base that dissolves in water forming hydroxide ions, OH– (aq)ions.
Catalyst A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction without being used up in the process.
Covalent bond A bond formed by a shared pair of electrons
Difference between element and compound? ELEMENT = one atom Compound = more than one atom
Displacement reaction This is a method of extracting metals from their ores
Are metals a finite recourse? Yes they are- they will run out
OILRIG stands for? 0-xidation I-s L-oss of elextrons (gain of oxygen) R-edcution I-s G-ain of electrons (loss of oxygen)
Ore An ore is a rock that contain enough of a metal to make its extraction economical.
What metal is normally used in smelting? Copper
What is a transition metal? The elements in the central block of the periodic table
Activation energy The minimum energy needed to start a reaction
Catalyst A substance that increases the rate of a chemical reaction. It is not used or changed in the reaction.
Displacement reaction A reaction in which a more reactive element displaces a less reactive element from an aqueous solution of the latter’s ions.
Biodegradable Materials that can be broken down by microorganisms
Biofuel Fuel made from animal or plant products
Bioleaching Process of extraction of metals from ores using microorganisms
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