Motor Proteins- Myosin

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Duty Ratio How often the protein is in use
Processive Follow distinct steps in order- no randomness
No of Myosin types Approx 40
Size of Myosin family core 120kDa
Myosin Superfamily G-protein (same as kinesin)
Myosin 2 Muscle Myosin
Myosin V- Direction of movement From minus end to plus end
Heavy/Light chains in Myosin V 2 heavy, multiple light chains
Myosin V- Role of IQ motifs To bend lever arm- keeps lever arm rigid & allows regulation
Myosin V-No of IQ motifs 6
Myosin V-N-terminus Motor Globular myosin motor ATPase
Myosin V-Coiled coil neck Links cargo binding domain to lever arms
Myosin V-Lever Arm Contains 6 IQ motifs & 6 light chains
Myosin V- Light chain 8 Part of cargo binding domain
Myosin V- Converter Domain Where ATP cycle causes changes
Myosin V- Changes in converter domain are amplified by the Lever arm
Movement of steps- same method for measurement as kinesin
Myosin V- Length moved by each head 72nm
Myosin V- Length moved by cargo 36 nm
Myosin V- Change in angle of motor arms (pre/post stroke) 70 degrees
Myosin V- Removal of one protein head Causes failure of protein to work
Myosin V- Movement Model Hand over Hand
Myosin V- Duty Ratio High
Myosin V- Monomer? Dimer
Myosin IV- Direction of Movement From plus end to minus end
Myosin IV- No of IQ motifs 2
Myosin IV- Chains 2 Heavy, multiple light
Myosin IV- Lever arm extension Attached to actin binding heads with binding site for light chains of proximal tail
Myosin IV- N-terminal Globular motor with special insert domain
Myosin IV- Proximal tail Forms lever arm extension made of light chains and binds it to medial tail
Myosin IV- Medial tail Coiled coil connecting lever arm extension to distail tail
Myosin IV- Distail tail Connects medial tail and cargo binding domain
Myosin IV- C-terminus Distal tail & cargo binding domains
Myosin IV- No of bound light chains Same as Myosin II
Myosin IV- Step size 36nm
Myosin IV- Role of light chains No of light chains involved regulates level of movement More = more movement
Myosin IV- Adding Insert Causes light chain binding region to move in opposite direction to Myosin V
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