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Hindsight Bias The tendency to believe, after an event has already occurred, that you could've predicted it.
Overconfidence the tendency to be very sure of a fact and later finding that the objective reality was different.
Scientific Method The standardized way of making observations
Hypothesis A tentative and testable explanation of the relationship between two or more events or variables
Operational Definition a result of the process of operationalization and is used to define something
Case Study Research technique in which one person is studied in depth in hopes of revealing universal principles
Survey Descriptive method; Uses questionnaires or interviews
Naturalistic Observation Observations and recordings of behavior in naturally occurring situations w/o trying to manipulate and control the situation
Correlation Researchers observe or measure a relationship between variables.
Correlation Coefficient A number value that indicates the strength and direction of the relationship between variables.
Scatterplot A visual representation of the relationships or associations between two numerical variables
Illusory Correlation Belief there is some relationship between events, variables, etc., even though none really exists.
Central Tendency Describes average of a distribution.
Confounding Variables Factors that cause differences between the experimental group and the control group other than the independent variable.
Descriptive Statistics Numbers that summarize a set of research data from a sample