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DEVELOPMENTAL Freud (1909) Little Hans Aim:Test Freud's psychoanalytical theory relating to infant sexuality, resolving the Oedipus complex and how phobic behaviors may originate.
PP's: Freud only had one pp who he studied for two years (1906-1908). Little Hans. Detailed transcripts of conversations between Little Hans and his father, who was a follower of Freud's work and wanted to understand his son's early development.
Just before her was 3, Hans started showing a lively interest with his "widdler" and "lumf".This lead to his mother threatening to get the doctor to cut off his widdler. At 3 and a half, Hans gained a baby sister, Hanna, whom he resented; resulting in his wish for his mother to drop her in the bath so she would drown.
Later, Hans developed a fear of horses that seem to relate to 2 incidents: Overhearing a father say to a child "don't put your fingers near that white horse or it will bite you". Seeing a horse pulling a carriage and fall to the floor kicking its legs about.
Both before and after these phobias. Hans was anxious that his mother would leave and he was prone to fantasies and daydreams. Check book for- Giraffe fantasy; 2 plumber fantasies; parenting fantasy.
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