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INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES Griffiths (1994) Gambling Aim + Method: examine the factors and variables relating to cognition and the gambling processes. Experimental observation (no variables manipulated)
Griffiths.jpg (image/jpg) PP's: 60 pp's (44 male, 16 female) recruited via a newspaper advert at Plymouth University. 30 (29m, 1f) regular gamblers, 30 not (15m, 15w).
IMG-20130412-WA0006.jpg (image/jpg) All regulars and non were randomly allocated "thinking aloud" or not conditions. Those in the thinking condition had to continuously report everything they were thinking.
Griffiths3.jpg (image/jpg) Findings: RG had a higher playing rate of 8 gambles per min; NRG had 6. RG who though aloud had a lower win rate and made fewer gambles than other groups.
Griffiths4.jpg (image/jpg) There were NO differences in the amount of total winnings between those who thought aloud and those who didn't.