Government- Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

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state political community that has a definite territory and organized government
sovereignty supreme and absolute athority within givin boundaries
nation group of people united by race, language, custom, tradition and religion
nation state country in which both the territory of the nation and state concide
consensus agreement about basic beliefs
government institution where the state maintains order, provides services, and enforces binding decisions on citizens
social contract theroy that people surrender to the state the power needed to maintain order and the state agrees to protect citizens
autocracy systrm of government where one person has all the authority and power to rule
monarchy system of government where one person has great power; thrown is inherited and person heads the state
oligarchy system of government where a small group holds power
democracy system of government where rule is by the people, either directly or through representatives
republic head of state is not a king or queen and voters elect representatives to run government
political party group of people with broad common interests who nominate candidates for office and conduct government
free enterprise freedom of private business to operate with minimal regulation
economics study of how limited resources are used to satisfy unlimited wants
capitalism system in which freedom of choice is emphasized
free market no limits on buyers and sellers in making decisions
laissez-faire the concept of the government staying away from the economy
socialism system where the government owns the means of productiond
proletariat industrial working class
bourgeoise the class that owns means of production
communism idea that only working class exists
command economy government decides what to produce and how much
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