Rules of Capitalization

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Rules of Capitalization: rules and how to remember the rules.

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Question Answer
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Example: Name: Ricardo Santiago Jr. Title: President Barack Obama. 0cbbfec9-b94a-40b0-a41a-e63de0cd21d9.JPG (image/JPG) 2
Example: Mt. Pinatubo Taal Volcano 8ef22df1-dbac-441a-ac67-96bf29867fa2.JPG (image/JPG) 3
Example Mississippi River Indian Ocean 56a466f4-9121-45e6-b6d4-75764fc05082.JPG (image/JPG) 4
Example: White House Statue of Liberty 32c2447f-06be-4197-90c8-46d297189e91.JPG (image/JPG) d3c20561-e924-4fbb-ad16-bf296a9da884.JPG (image/JPG)
Example Katipunan Avenue Pook Libis 77b91a4c-5114-49b9-8fca-bc00d13e2d7b.JPG (image/JPG) a6985647-2c44-4a4f-862a-d8792f76c083.JPG (image/JPG)
Example: Philippine Military Academy 84bed26b-7173-4ac1-ac55-13fb486bf36e.JPG (image/JPG) ac976f7d-efb8-46e6-8517-54a66cbf486d.JPG (image/JPG)
Example: United States of America New York bb72bbb0-2a6f-45e5-bc36-0d037030ed5b.JPG (image/JPG) 5
For Example: The Giving Tree The Notebook A Walk to Remember acbe7e9b-5b7d-4e3a-b784-045427182631.JPG (image/JPG) 6
Example. Next week Armi will bake. She will make a cake for Ally. fdc61d95-21e5-4810-8578-05bfeea6b7f9.JPG (image/JPG) 7
Example: There is something about you that I find truly enchanting. 48b09dfa-c5c3-4bcc-a22e-5ecc350fb9dd.JPG (image/JPG) 8
It must answer "YES" to the following questions. 7f242eec-233e-4064-b22e-2f7bcb7eb09f.JPG (image/JPG) 9