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This is review exercises for application of algebra in economics
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The monthly demand and supply functions for Luminar desk lamp are given by; d(x)=-1.1x2+1.5x+40 s(x)=0.1x2+0.5x+15 Find the equilibrium price and quantity if p is measured in dollars and x in units of thousand. Equilibrium quantity is 5000 and equilibrium price is $20
Express this equation in logarithmic form
Solve this equation ( without using calculator) x=-2 or x=3
Solve for x
Solve for x
The number of students who contracted influenza after t days could be approximated by the exponential model below. If 90 students contracted the flu by day 10, how many students contracted the flu by day 20?
The temperature of a cup of coffee at time t is given by the equation below. Initially, the temperature of the coffee was 200F. Three minutes later , it was 180F. When will the temperature of the coffee be 150F?
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