Parts of the Brain

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Parts of the brain

Sarah Baldwin
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Question Answer
Broca's Area controls speech; if you break a talking doll then it won't talk anymore
Parietal Lobe controls sense of touch; imagine a parent touching her child's forehead to see if she has a fever
Hypothalamus controls hunger and thirst; imagine a hypochondriac thinking that they are hungry or thirsty when they are not
Cerebral Cortex controls judgement; imagine you and your friend fighting over a box of cereal, so you go to cereal court in front of a judge
Amygdala controls aggression and fear; imagine Armageddon in the Bible (the last battle between good and evil); battles have lots of aggression and fear
Frontal Lobe (frontal association area) impulse control; imagine a student in the lunch line losing patience and cutting to the front of the line (losing control of his impulses)
Left Hemisphere controls language; "left" and "language" both start with "L"
Corpus Callosum connects the two hemispheres; imagine a tiny corpse lying across the two hemispheres
Temporal Lobe controls hearing; in God's temple, you have to listen
Hippocampus controls memory; imagine a hippo wearing an elephant costume because it helps his memory
Reticular Activating System (RAS) controls arousal and alertness; when a student falls asleep in class, the teacher blows a raspberry at the student and wakes them up
Pons sends information to other parts of the brain, coordinates movement, facial expression, and causes REM sleep and dreams; if you use a coupon, you smile because you save money and then you sleep better that night