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SOCIAL Reicher and Haslam (2006) Prison Aim: To analyse the conditions that lead individuals to identify with their group and accept/challenge inter group inequalities.
Method: This was a lab experiment and during the experiment, 3 independent variables were manipulated. 1. Permeability of the groups. at the beginning, all pp's were told that there was a chance for one prisoner to be chosen to be a guard.
2. Legitimacy of group division. All pp's were told after the one and only promotion, that there was no difference in qualities between the 2 groups. 3. Possibility of change. A new pp was added (a trade unionist) as it was thought he would has the right skills to organize new plans and groups.
PP's: Male pp's were recruited through leaflets/advertisements in the newspapers. The initial group of 332 were reduced to 15 through 3 phases of screening. R_H.jpg (image/jpg)
Ethics were a major problem in this study but they were controlled by- The study was sent to the BPS committee to be agreed. People such as psychologists, body guards, paramedics and the ethics committee were constantly on stand by.
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