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Oligopoly a market that is dominated by a small number of companies
Cross-media convergence a company that owns different types of media
Conglomerate a large parent company that owns a range of small subsidiary companies
Subsidiary a smaller company owned by a conglomerate
Synergy when 2 or more elements of a conglomerate work together to promote a brand
Ancillary revenue revenue made from merchandise and DVD sales
Above the line marketing marketing technique that is generalised, not particularly a group of people
Below the line marketing marketing technique which has a much narrower reach, niche group of people
Circulation Number of products sold, normally per month
Guerilla Marketing a low cost, high energy marketing technique which is designed to grab audiences attention straight away in an unconventional way
Horizontal Integration when an institution buys out or takes over another similar company
Instant Gratification refers to a need people have to be pleased/entertained as quickly as possible
Monopoly where one company dominates over the market and controls the industry
Motion Capture technology that captures the movements and facial expressions of actors, to turn them into animated or digital characters
Proliferation a large increase in the amount of something
Simultaneous Global Release when a film is released in multiple countries on the same date
Synergetic Partnerships when a company works with another company in a way which benefits both of them
Vertical Integration when a company can fulfil more than one stage of the production process themselves
Vortex of Publicity surrounding the audience with marketing that 'sucks them in'
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