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Canted Angle a shot which is tilted to one side
Deep Focus objects both near and far are in focus at the same time
Establishing Shot start of a programme to establish a relationship between the set/location and the characters
Loose Frame a lot of room around an object or person - shows loneliness or isolation
Pull Focus where one thing is in focus and then the lens is changed so that something else is then in focus
Rule of Thirds the placing of the person in a frame
Shallow Focus a shot where an object near the front is in focus and everything else behind is out of focus
Soft Focus filter to create hazy light around the subject
Tight Frame very little space around a person
Tracking Shot camera moves along rails to follow the subject
Trombone Shot surroundings appear to move bigger and smaller but subject stays the same size
Whip Pan a very fast pan between two or more characters or point of interest
180 degree Rule an imaginary line is between two people. The camera can only film those people on one side of the line.
Breaking the 180 degree Rule the camera does not stick to one side of the line - disorientating
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