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House of Commons -Elected by the public at general elections which take place at least once every 5 years. -By-elections- when a mp dies or retires, to find a replacement. -Majority in the house of commons means that that party is the government.
House of Lords -non-elected body -92 hereditary peers -life peers -the most senior bishops in the Church of England
Law Commission -set up in 1965 -researches areas of law that is thought to be in need of reform -a topic for research is chosen by the Law Commission or refereed by the governent -Law Commission research law ¬ Law Commission issue Consultation paper ¬ Law Commission issue final reports
Codification -Law Commission put forward proposals to codify law. -Purpose is to bring all law on one topic into one Act to make it easier and simpler.
Repeal Identify old Acts which are outdated and no longer used, so that Parliament can repeal these Acts.
Advantages of the Law Commission -Areas of law are researched by legal experts. -the Law Commission consults before finalising proposals. -Whole areas of law can be considered, not just small issues
Disadvantages of the Law Commission -Parliament is slow to implement some reforms. -only limited time is available in Parliament for pure law reform
Political influence Each political party will have its own policies. When a party is elected as the government these policies will be a major influence on the laws that they introduce into parliament.
Advantages of Political influences -Each party has its proposals for reform ready if it is elected. -a majority in the house of commons for the government means that virtually every law that is proposed will be passed.
Disadvantages of Political Influences New Governments may repeal or alter laws pasted by previous governments.
European Union Law Since joining the EU in 1973, Britian has had to take on EU law. An example of this is the Sex DIscrimination Acts 1975 and 1986, these Acts were enacted in order to bring our laws on discrimination in line with EU laws on discrimination
Advantages of European Union Law It creates uniformity in law for all European Union countries.
Disadvantages of European Union Law European Union law is not always popular with the public. For example all goods having to be sold using metric measurements, such as kilograms rather that the impartial measurements that Britian had been using.
Public Opinion/Media -Strong public opinion can lead to changes in law towards the end of a governments term due to the fact that they want to be popular to get re-elected. -The media plays an important role in highlighting issues of public concern
advantages of Public Opinion/Media -Brings public opinion to the attention of the government. -informs the public of what is going on with the government
Disadvantages of Public Opinion/Media -Media manipulates the news and can create public opinion. -responding to quickly to high-profile incidents may lead to poorly drafted law. Example Dangerous Dogs Act 1991
Pressure Groups Insider-have the ear of the government. ASH. They are also the most likely to lobby MPs. Some trade Unions even sponsor labour MPs. -Outside, they do not have the ear of the government and are most likely to do illegal things. F4J who have deface a Queens portrait as well as throwing flour bombs at tony blair. -sectional groups- represent intensest of a particular section of the country- law society, trade unions -Cause groups- exist to promote a particular cause- Greenpeace.
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