Life cycle

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"Life Cycle"

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What is a Life cycle? the changes that happen to and individual from its information until it has produced off springsimilar to it
what is Growth its an increase in body size.
What is Pupa ? The stage in an insect life cycle when the larva changes into an imago (complete metamorphosis).
What is Larva? The second stage in an insect life cycle(complete metamorphosis)
What is Reproduction? the process of parents producing new individuals, or offspring .
what is Nymph the stage of an insect life cycle that gradually develop into the adult without becoming a pupa (incomplete metamorphosis)
what is metamorphosis? The changes in structure that happen as an organism develops into an adult
what is lmago? the adult stage in an insect life cycle (complete metamorphosis).
what is Egg? female cell that must be fertilized to start a life cycle
what is Development? The changes in body from and shape in an organism's life.
what is Biosecurity? preventing pest and disease organisms from entering our country
give an example of Reproduction? For example, in humans, the life cycle goes through the stages of developing baby,toddler, a child an adult finally parent.
give an example of Growth for insect? the development in an insect is about changes such as wings or legs forming.
How many stages does the grasshopper have? It has 3 stages Egg, nymph, adult
Whats so Amazing for Caterpillar Transfromation? When the Caterpillar Begins to grow up it changes into Caterpillar - Butterfly.
What types does most insects have? it has life cycle, including moths,bees,wasps,flies,mosquitoes and beetles.
How many stages does the wanderer butterfly show? Four different stages - egg, larva pupa and adult
what does flowers Produce? Flowers produce tiny particles called pollen.
what does tree Produce ? The tree produces flowers, special structures that makes seeds.
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