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2.) How effective is the main combination of your main product and ancillary texts?

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2.) How effective is the main combination of your main product and ancillary texts? My main product (music video) and ancillary texts (digipak, magazine advert) compliment each other as we consistently used the similar themes in the images. We choose to do this as it represent typical media conventions of a girl group. For example the members of the spice girls had iconic dress codes and we wanted to recreate the similar effect. As well as this, using the same themes allowed our target audience to familiarise with our faces because we are new artists so it would make it easier for them to recognise us.
The images we used purposely contained the same filter and font as the front cover, back cover and magazine advert. We did this to ensure our fans would immediately recognise our band despite being sold at different shops. This was a good idea as it allowed our ancillary texts to represent our music.
We included all the same members of the band/music video in the photo shoot for the digipak and advert. We did this as we believed it would reinforce the ideas of friendship and unity within the group which were the main elements we were trying to portray,
Audience feedback; Do the music video and the digipak present the same 'image' of the band/artist image? Many of the answers from those we asked were very similar. People stated that the digipak and music video presented the same images; they contained the same happy, feel good vibes. We were incredibly happy to gain this feedback as it is the theme we were aiming for.
Would you stop in a store and look at this advert in a magazine? "Yes, i would stop and admire the vibrant colours used in the advert. These would encourage me to buy the song as it is easily accessible on the app store."
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