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Evaluation Question 4, Media Studies

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Blogger is the hub of my coursework. You can find the entire journey, from research and planning, all the way through to final artefacts. I like Blogger because it is really easy to embed media from other websites into a post, and it is also easy to edit the aesthetics of the blog. On the other hand, Blogger is relatively difficult to manage posts after they have been published. Rating: 7/10
Photoshop was a very useful application in the creation of my two ancillary. I like photoshop because it is easy to save products as any file, so the images can be shared anywhere due to the diverse save options. Also, I could add 'Rulers' on the digipak document to easily see panel boundaries. In my opinion, as somebody who has had previous experience with Photoshop, there aren't any disadvantages, as I find it easy to navigate and use. Also, it is the most popular photo editing application, so there are countless amounts of online tutorials. Rating: 10/10
Enlighten is an iPhone application, costing £3.99. In my opinion, this app is the best photo editing application on iPhone, and could be worth a lot more money. I used Enlight to create the borders of my digipak and poster. The main positive of this app is that the photos end up at an extremely high standard. On the other hand, there are a few aspects and features that are difficult to find, but there are many tutorials online, and the Enlight app has its own website, where new tutorials are uploaded every Tuesday. Rating: 9/10
The 53 app is another iPhone application. This app allows you to draw, create diagrams, draw on photographs and take notes. I used 53 to draw my storyboard images. I like the app, however, it is relatively limited as to what you can do, other than sketches and taking notes. The drawings do look rough, but this does add to the 'hand-drawn' effect, but it would be good if the drawings were a little bit neater. Rating: 6/10
Thinglink is the leading platform for creating interactive images and videos. It is online, and you can create content for free, however some features do cost money. I really like Thinglink, because of how interactive it is, especially when it is embedded into the blog posts. It is really easy to see the information that accompanies the image of your choice. The only negative is that it costs money to use features that aren't much more advanced than the free ones. Rating: 8/10
Soundcloud is a music streaming service. I didn't use it much in the process of creating my three products. However I like Soundcloud because it allows you to embed music onto blogger, with a visual, not just audio, so it makes the blog post look a little more aesthetically pleasing. I didn't use this website enough to find a negative. Rating: 7/10
iMovie is the Apple application that I used to edit my music video on. I really like iMovie because it is simple, yet effective. You wouldn't be able to tell, on my music video, that I used iMovie, as apposed to Premier Pro or Final Cut. The only negative I can think of about iMovie is that there are a couple of bugs that effected me now and again, but due to the constant autosave feature, its almost impossible to lose work. Also, there are a huge amount of video/internet tutorials online, so if I had any issues, they would be easily resolved. Rating: 9/10
GoConqr is a website that allows you to create flashcards, notes, mind maps, quizzes, and is primarily for learning purposes. The flashcards used for Evaluation Question 4 are created on GoConqr. I don't like that you can't add more than one image to a flashcard, or the fact that you can only chose five positions for an image to be on a flashcard. Also, there is no way to have the text on a flashcard two different colours. Although, the flashcards are a unique way to display information. Rating: 7/10
Piktochart is an online platform that allows you to create presentations, posters, infographics and reports in a unique and stylish way. I really like Piktochart due the simple navigation, and broad range of features. It takes little effort to create something that is very aesthetically pleasing. I can't think of any negatives of the website. Rating: 10/10
Social Media has played a big part of this project, more specifically, the research stage of the journey. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are all social media platforms that my chosen artist, Raury, is active on, so it made my task of research a little bit easier, because all vital information about his star identity and audience was all in one place. Pinterest then allowed me to easily group images that could come in useful regarding his identity/iconography, audience etc... Rating: 8/10
The TV Studio at City College Norwich is where the filming was done for the music video. I liked the TV Studio because it was a spacious area, this allowed me to move the camera around freely, and capture the subject of my music video from all different angles. Also, the lighting was really good, so the effect on the video was easy to edit after filming. The only negative is that it had to be booked out, so I had to wait a significant amount of time, which set my schedule back, because editing couldn't be done without footage. Rating: 8/10
iPhone 6 Plus. I filmed time lapses on this device. The quality was better than I expected. I could take this device anywhere, due to it being a 'mobile' device. Slow motion can also be filmed on this device, which is also very good quality. The one negative of this device is that the battery doesn't last a long amount of time, so a time lapse wouldn't last for multiple hours. The time lapses and slow-mo videos can be found under the label 'Skills Development'. Rating: 9/10
Phantom 3 Standard drone. I really like this piece of equipment, and it was unfortunate that I didn't include any drone footage in the music video, or drone photography on the two ancillary products, however I think it is for the best, because the result of the products could be a completely different story. The only negative to this product is that flights can only last around 25 minutes. Some drone footage can be found under the 'Skills Development' label on the blog. The footage is easy to transfer onto a laptop because it is recorded onto an SD card. Rating: 9/10
Premier Pro is the software that I used to create the effect used in the music video. I found this far too complicated to continue to edit the entire music video on it, so I had export the footage onto a memory stick and edit the video on iMovie. I like the endless amount of effects that are featured in Premier Pro, but even the video tutorials are complicated and there would be a lot of wasted time and effort if I had learnt through video tutorials. Rating: 6/10
YouTube is the website that has allowed me to upload my music video to the blog. Large video files can only be uploaded to Blogger through YouTube, so I have relied on this website. Also, a lot of research was done on YouTube, like watching music videos, analysing music videos, watching interviews from Raury and his music videos. Rating: 10/10
Yahoo Mail is how I got into contact with Raury's production company Love Renaissance, and got permission to use the song 'God's Whisper'. Sometimes E-Mails go missing, and if you have lots of mail, navigating through it all can be tricky. Rating: 8/10
Joby Gorillapod. This piece of equipment is designed to hold up cameras and phones in difficult areas. It will grasp around tree branches, out of windows, on RC cars, basically anywhere within reason. I have no negatives to say about this piece of equipment. Rating: 10/10
Google has helped me navigate the internet, to find new websites, interviews with my artist, images and basically anything that has been found on the internet is through Google. Also, having a Gmail account allows me to log into websites instantly without having to go through the process of confirmation, simply by clicking 'Log in with Google+' creates an account for me straight away. Rating: 10/10
Microsoft Word and Powerpoint have been two helpful applications in this process. Creating mood boards and gathering information has been made much easier with the help of these two applications. On the other hand, these two applications are relatively old and the updates don't really change much, so I couldn't add a slideshow or word document straight to Blogger, I would have to transfer content to another website, and then upload it to Blogger. Rating: 7/10
Dafont.com is how I got Raury's iconic text, which I could then use on my music video, poster, and music video, so it has been the website that has really allowed me to stick to Raury's iconography. Although, downloading the fonts and being able to use them is a process that is a little complicated at first, but then after reading the solution online, it is a very easy task. Rating: 8/10
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