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Line Used to divide a layout or Connect elements in a layout
Shape Helps to sustain the readers interest. Also can organise the page by separating items. Categorised as natural, geometric or abstract.
Texture Physical texture is the appearance of the paper, coarseness or smoothness of paper. Visual texture is the pattern of an image. Texture can create moods or add richness to a graphic display.
Size Size commonly relates to the importance of an item in a design. The biggest item being the most important.
Colour Creates mood and stimulates emotions. Helps to create corporate identity the public will remember. Harmonious colours bring unity. Contrasting colours create boldness.
Value Deals with colour tones in a layout. Darker tones have higher value. Dark tones next to Light tones create contrast.
Mass Mass is the space in the pace it covers. Example a bold heading has a greater mass than all sub-headings.
Design Principles The elements in a page that assemble the overall composition of the design.
Balance Balance is the symmetry of a page i.e. Items are equally spaced out around a centre. Creates stability, a sense of conservation.
Contrast Colour, font styles and shapes that are opposites to one another or very different increase the visual impact of contrast.
Emphasis/Dominance Dominance is the related to the bigger bolder or underlined items. Emphasis is used in items like, headings, sub - headings and graphics.
Rhythm Creating a flow in the page. Directs the reader to make the layout easy to understand and follow.
Proximity The positioning of elements make the publication easier to follow and understand.
Unity Unity allows the layout to achieve a sense of items linking with each other and being close.
Alignment Connects elements visually to achieve a neat, structured look.
White Space Areas with no form of items. White space allows the eye to rest.
Flow Flow is the layout of the poster which helps the texts and graphics flow.
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