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Normal RBCs
Microcytic and crenated RBCs
Budding Yeast
Air Bubble
Squamous epithelial (with oil droplets and NOT RBCs)
Dysmorphic RBCs
RBCs and one WBC
WBCs (notice the multi-lobed nuclei)
WBC clump
Eosinophils (Hansel stained)
WBCs (with acetic acid nuclear enhancement)
Squamous epithelial
Squamous, RTE, WBC, caudate transitional, RBC
Squamous epithelial and phenazopyridine crystals after refridgeration
Squamous epithelial (under low power)
Clump of squamous epithelial cells
Clump of squamous epithelial cells with folded forms
Spherical transitional epithelial cells
Caudate transitional epithelial cells
Syncytia of transitional epithelial cells
RTE cells. Oval distal convoluted tubule cells (notice the eccentrically placed nuclei).
RTE cells (cuboidal, from collecting duct)
RTE cell (proximal convoluted tubule cell with granules and attached fat globules).
Fragment of RTE cells from collecting duct
Oval fat body
Oval fat body (sudan III stained)
Oval fat body (bright field on right and polarized on left (notice the Maltese cross))
Hemosiderin granules
Yeast (mycelial forms)
Mucous threads
Hyaline casts
Hyaline cast (under phase microscopy)
Convoluted hyaline cast
Hyaline cast (top - with amorphous urates and bottom - attached to mucus pseudocast)
Hyaline cast
Hyaline cast containing the occasional granules
RBC cast
Disintegrating RBC cast (notice the presence of free RBCs)
RBC cast (under phase microscopy)
Cast containing hemoglobin (also RBCs and yeast are present)
Granular dirty brown cast
WBC cast
Disintegrating WBC cast
WBC clump (notice the absence of a cast matrix)
RTE cell cast
RTE cell cast
RTE cell cast
Fatty cast showing adherence of fat droplets to cast matrix
RTE cast with bilirubin stained cells
Fatty cast
Finely granular cast and uric acid crystals
Granular cast formed at a tubular bend
Granular disitenigrating cellular cast
Fatty cast under phase micriscopy
Coarsely granular cast, squamous epithelial cell, and mucous
Waxy casts
Granular cast degenerating into waxy cast
Waxy cast
Waxy cast
Broad granular cast becoming waxy
Broad waxy cast
Broad bile stained waxy cast
Amorphous urates
Uric acid cryststals
Uric acid crytals
Uric acid crystals under polarized light
Clumps of uric acid crystals ( notice the whetstone, not the hexagonal shape that differentiates uric acid crystals from cysteine crystals)
Dihydrate calcium oxalate crystals
Dihydrate calcium oxalate crystals under phase microscopy
Amorphous phosphates
Triple phosphate crystal
"coffin lid" and other forms of triple phosphate crystals
monohydrate calcium oxalate crystals
triple phosphate crystal sand amorphous phosphates
Ammonium biurate crystals
Calcium carbonate crystals
Cystine crystals
Clump of cystine crystals
Cholesterol crystals
Tyrosine crystal sin fine needle clumps
Tyrosine crystals in rosette form
Leucine crystals
Cholesterol crystals under polarized light
Bilirubin crystals ( notice the bright yellow color)
Ampicillin crystals, non refrigerated
Sulfa crystals and bacteria seen in UTI
Ampicilan crystals after refridgeration
Sulfa crystals in rossette form
Starch granules ( notice the dimpled center)
Pollen granule ( notice the concentric circles)
Fiber resembling a cast
Fecal material and oil artifacts
Vegetable fiber resembling a waxy cast
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