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Black Americans were "held back" by two powerful historical events. Name them 1) The Slave Trade from Africa to America 2) The Civil War, about abolishing slavery
Southern States had laws which set out how black people were to be treated differently. What were they known as? The "Jim Crow" Laws
These laws meant that there were separate toilets, restaurants, hairdressers, blood banks, and two armies. True or False? True
What is the term for keeping black people separated from white people? Is it discrimination or segregation? Segregation
How did literacy keep Southern blacks from voting? Had to pass a reading test in order to register
How did the electoral official pass white people who were poor at reading? They gave them easy passages to read
Even though there were no Jim Crow Laws in the North, there was still racism. Give two examples They were given the worst housing/education/lower wages Informal segregation/harder work/poor pay
The KKK wanted the USA to be a WASP nation- what did this mean? The only "true" American citizens were white, Anglo-Saxon and Protestant
When did the KKK have the most members and was at its strongest in the USA? Following WW1 and 1920
Lynchings took place in the Southern States of America. Name one of these states? Alabama/ South Carolina/ Tennessee/ Mississippi
Give two reasons why it was hard to identify/stop the KKK They wore a costume/hood Many were police/lawyers and officials Fear of violence No witnesses
Amazingly, William Du Bois earned a degree at which leading US university? Harvard
Du Bois set up an organisation, the NAACP. Give two of its aims To "Advance" the lives of "Coloured People" with better working conditions, housing, night classes and voting.
The NAACP is the oldest civil rights organisation in the world. True or False? True
In 1914, Marcus Garvey formed the UNIA- give two features of this organisation Wore military uniform/ marched through Black areas/ encouraged Black Americans to set up their own businesses/ encouraged Black Americans to only employ other Black Americans/ didn't believe in intergration
Give the main reason why Marcus Garvey and William Du Bois argued Du Bois wanted Black Americans to integrate (mix) equally with White Americans. Garvey wanted to set up a new country in Africa for them
Which leader (Du Bois or Garvey) ended up disgraced and in prison for fraud? Garvey
Two ways in which the lives of Black Americans had improved by 1930? More school places (segregated in the South), better literacy rates, the 1922 law to stop lynching was beginning to work, Blacks from Southern states moved to cities in the North (eg. New York, Harlem)
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