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AQA Psychology Memory Definitions

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Capacity The measure of how much can be held in memory
Coding The way information is changed so that it can be stored in memory
Duration A measure of how long a memory lasts before it is no longer available
Multi-store model An explanation of memory based on 3 separate memory stores, and how information is transferred between these stores
Sensory register This is the information at the sense - it is retained for a very brief period of time
Working memory model - Central executive Monitors and coordinates all other mental functions in working memory
Working memory model - Episodic buffer Receives input from many sources, temporarily stores this info.
Working memory model - Phonological loop Codes speech sounds in working memory, involving maintenance rehearsal
Working memory model - Visuo-spatial sketchpad Codes visual information in terms of separate objects as well as the arrangement of these objects in one's visual field
Working memory model An explanation of the memory used when working on a task
Episodic memory Personal memories of events. Includes contextual details + emotional tone
Procedural memory Memory for how to do things. They are automatic as the result of repeated practice
Semantic memory Shared memory of facts and knowledge.
Interference An explanation for forgetting. One memory disruptes the ability to recall the other
Proactive interference (PI) Past learning interfere with current attempts to learn
Retroactive interference (RI) Current attempts to learn interfere with past learning
Retrieval failure An explanation for getting bcos the issue relates to being able to retrieve a memory that is there but no accessible.
Eyewitness testimony Evidence provided in court by a person who witnessed a crime
Misleading information Supplying information that may lead a witness memory to being altered
Anxiety An emotional state that is often accompanied by increased heart rate and rapid breathing
Cognitive interview Police technique for interviewing witness at a crime.
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