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Bird Oiseau
Face La visage
A twin Unjumeau
A twin sister Une jumelle
Young Cadet(te)
Curly Frisé/Bouclés
Half sister Demi-soeur
Only child Enfant unique
Night clubs Les boítes de nuit (accent is a hat)
Step dad Beau-pére (accent other way around)
Disadvantage L'inconvénient
Nurse Une infirmiere
Sleeves Manches
English channel Manche
Chequered (clothes) Serré
Trendy Branché
Old fashioned Demodé
Disappointed Decu (c has a tail)
Job Boulot
Unemployed Choage (o has a hat)
To kill Tuer
Thanks to Grace a (a has a hat)
Despite Malgré
Wood Bois
Deforestation Déboisement
Again/Already Déja (a has an accent opposite to e)
So many Autant
Futhermore/Also De plus
I have the flu J'ai la grippe
I feel sick J'ai mal au coeur
I have a headache J'ai mal a la tete (t e te, the e has a hat)
I feel hot J'ai chaud
I feel cold J'ai tres froid (e has an accent high to low)
I am ill Je suis malade
I feel very tired Je me sens tres fatigué
I have a fever Je suis enrhumé
I've got sunburn J'ai pris un coupe de soleil
I've hurt my leg Je me suis blessé a la jambre (a accent high to low)
I have a cough Je tousse/J'ai une toux
I have toothache J'ai mal aux dents
I've been sick J'ai vomi
I have a fever J'ai de la fievre (fi e vre, e has high to low accent)
I have a sore throat J'ai mal a la gorge
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