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Define Sustainable To preserve or enhance the environment in a way that does not damage it
Define Urban Management Activities which manage a densely populated area (eg. transport)
What is a Favela? A slum
What is an Integrated Transport System? A series of bus (or train) routes which connect the city together (eg. Curitiba)
What is Deprivation? A persons quality of life that is regarded as unacceptable by the government of a given country
What is Urban Regeneration/Renewal? Improving social and/or economic conditions in run down urban areas
Define Redevelopment The renovation and improvement of area that were previously run down
What is a Brownfield Site? An old industrial area that has become derelict - the land is available for redevlopment
Define Dereliction Previously used land/buildings which have fallen into disuse and decay
What is an Ecological Foot Print? The impact an individual has on our planet, measured in hectares (Ha)
Define: Community Communal Living Community - lives and works in the same place Communal Living - share with your neighbours
What is a Self Help Scheme? Where people take responsibility for improving their own living conditions
What is a Non-Government Organisation? An organisation that is independent of government control. Usually charitable organisations such as water-aid and oxfam
What is Urbanisation? The increase in the proportion of people living in towns and cities
What is Urban Sprawl? The unplanned, uncontrolled growth of urban areas into the surrounding countryside
Define Population Density The number of people living within an area (usually per km squared)
Define Population Distribution The spread of people across the earths surface
What is a Mega City? A city with over 10 million people living in it
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