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Bubble Sort Compare adjacent values and if they are not in order swap them
Shuttle Sort Initially compare 1st and 2nd values, then 1st, 2nd and 3rd and so on
Quick Sort Use the 1st term as a pivot, any numbers that are less go to the left, and any that a more go to the right
Shell Divide into n/2 sublists, then order these and merge them. Continue ad finally shuttle sort
Node/Vertex Usually represent places
Edge often represent roads
Degree/order The number of edges at a vertex
Connected graph You can get from one node to any other but not necessarily directly
Complete graph Direct route between any node
Hamilton Cycle Route that visits every vertex once, starting and finishing at the same one, but nor every edge
Eulerian Every edge must be visited, so the order of all vertices is even
Prims Algoritm for graph (Point to Point) Smallest edge connected to the start vertex
Prims Algorithm for Matrix Label the start column and delete the corresponding row, and circle the smallest number in that row
Kruskals Smallest edge overall, then highlight the next smallest
Dijkstras Work out the value of each route and put the smallest into boxes
Chinese Postman Find the shortest route between the odd vertices. This can then be used twice
Travelling salesman Upper bound; nearest neighbour Lower bound; delete a vertex or column and use prims/kruskals
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