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B063 Exam types of communications

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Define the term ‘VoIP communication’ Voice over internet protocol, people use internet connection. Make a telephone call, where data is sent as packets. Doesn't use phone network.
Describe how a mobile phone can use VoIP communication technique. Mobile phones use VoIP software to make internet calls. Voice conversation is broken down into packets and transmitted like a web page using packet switching 
Explain the term 'packet switching Packet switching is used in data networks, rather than circuit switching as it is more efficient. Packet switching divides data into small blocks. This is routed through a series of paths, rather than sending data over one dedicated line.
Describe how a VoIP session is established between two phones Phone number is inputted into VoIP software call processor. Number is checked to see if it is valid. Number is mapped and translated by software call processor into an IP address. Two devices are connected by a software switch, other phone rings. Other phone is answered and connection is made
Describe how a new user will install the software and make a call using the Skype-to-Skype method. Download and install Skype software. Create a username and password. Add Skype contacts. To make Skype-to-Skype calls they must login and, select a contact and press Call.
Define the term 'PBX' Private branch exchange is where businesses use a private telephone network. Staff can make communicate internally and externally via SHARED lines.
Define the term 'VoIP gateway' This gateway device is used to transmit and receive voice communication using Internet Protocol, hence VoIP.
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