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GCSE flashcard for Biology practical exam 2016 Cambridge nationals not AQA :)

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What is the test for starch? Iodine solution
What is the test for reducing sugars? Benedict's solution
What is the test for protein? Buiret Solution
What is the test for fats? Ethanol
What colour does iodine solution turn when Starch is present? Yellow/Brown TO Blue/Black
What colour does Benedicts solution turn when there is a positive test for reducing sugars? Bright blue TO Red/Orange
What colour does biuret solution turn when there is a positive test for protein? Blue TO Purple/Lilac/Violet
What happens to ethanol when there is a positive test for fats? A white emulsion which looks cloudy or white in colour
How do you test for starch in a leaf? *Submerge leaf in boiling water *Put leaf into a test tube of ethanol *Leave to stand for aprox. 10 mins *Wash the leaf in cold water *Spread the leaf out flat on a white tile *Add a few drops of iodine solution *Turn Blue/Black if positive
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