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what did liberal reform do for children? -1906= free school meals: - 158,000 free meals given a day - not all children got their meals -1907= free medical check ups: - parents had to pay for any treatment needed until 1912 -1908 = childrens act: - children were protected person meaning their parents could be prosecuted for abuse - council could visit + inspect kids home - children under 14 weren't sent to adult prisons - children under 14 weren't allowed in pubs or to buy Tabaco - this did cause some children to be left by them selves when their parents were drinking - 1912 = school clinics: -provided free medical care for anyone who couldn't afford it- only for children
How did liberal re-forms help elderly? -1908 = pension act: -government funded pensions for the elderly - 650,000 people collected their pension within the first year LIMITATIONS - had to be over 70 and able to prove it -had to live in Britain for past 20 years - not been to prison for past 10 years - had to earn less than £31 per year - government provided: -single person - 5 shillings a week -couple - 7 shillings per 6 days
How did liberal reforms help the unemployed? -1909 = labour exchange act: place to look for work and workers - meant people didn't have to go door to door but didn't create jobs -1911 = national insurance act (part 1): insurance agenised sickness if they couldn't work + free medical treatment - meant poverty wasn't caused by illness - 26 weeks of at 10 shillings a week LIMITATIONS - wasn't enough to live off - workers had to pay into it - 1912 = national insurance act (part 2) for men who had seasonal work - 7 shillings a week for 15 weeks -compulsory for seasonal workers LIMITATIONS - workers had to pay into it - if dismissed no pay was given - had to register at labour exchange
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