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The growth of the Bolshevik party, the October / November Revolution and the reasons for their success

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July Days The Bolsheviks made an attempt to seize power in Petrograd in July. Only small numbers of soldiers and sailors actively supported the Bolsheviks and the uprising was suppressed by loyal troops. A number of Bolshevik leaders were arrested and Lenin fled to Finland.
Bolshevik Party Congress This committed the Bolsheviks to claiming all power for the Soviets. This was after the July Days, at this point in time the Bolsheviks looked weak. So Lenin was determined to take over this time.
The defeat of Kornilov in Sept 1917 They were seen as heroes for saving Russia from military rule. it increased support for the Bolsheviks but by September 1918, the Bolshevik were the biggest party in the Petrograd Soviet.
Bolshevik seize of power October/ November 1917
Night of November 6 Bolsheviks gained control of the Peter and Paul Fortress, main bridges, railway station, banks, telephone exchange and power stations around Petrograd
Night of November 7 A cruise ship under Bolshevik control fired shots from the river to the Winter Palace where the PG was based. Members of the Red Guard attacked and found little opposition as it was only being defended by some trainee cadets
Early November 8th Lenin announced the Bolsheviks had taken over the Government of Russia. Within a week, the Bolsheviks also controlled Moscow.
'...the Bolshevik takeover was a popular revolution and that the Red Guards succeeded against strong opposition' - Bolsheviks True or False? FALSE!!! Bolshevik propaganda claimed this to be true, however, the Bolsheviks did not have the support of the majority of the Russian population and the Red Guard has little opposition in both Petrograd and Moscow
Reason for Bolshevik success (1) The PG was very unpopular. Few failed to rally for Kerensky and there was not many demonstrations to reinstate him.
Reason for Bolshevik success (2) Lenin. He spent years organising a disciplined dedicated to revolution. His slogan 'Peace, Land and Bread' brought more support, half the army, sailors at the important naval port near Petrograd, the major industrial centres and the Petrograd and Moscow Soviets.
Reason for Bolshevik success (3) Trotsky's organisation and planning. He organised the seizure of key buildings and positions in the two major cities.
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