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Final Exam Images- Second half


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Uprising of the Spirit Enrique Chagoya 1994
Half Indian, Half Mexican James Luna 1991
Nepantla Santa C. Barraza 1995
La Alma Emanuel Martinez, with Mike Maestas and Al and Fred Sanchez 1977
Nuestra Madre Yolanda M. Lopez 1981-88
Border Crossing with Haloes Luis Jimenez 1990
The Jungle Wilfredo Lam 1942-43 Goache on paper mounted on canvas Museum of Modern Art, New York
Diver Bomber and Tank Jose Clemente Orozco 1940 Fresco Museum of Modern Art, New York
Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Almeda Park Diego Rivera 1947 Fresco Hotel del Prado, Mexico City
Man, Controller of the Universe Diego Rivera 1934 Fresco Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City
Detroit Industry murals, South Wall Diego Rivera 1932-33. 27 Fresco Detroit Institute of Arts
Torment and Apotheosis of Cuauhtemoc (detail) David Alfaro Siqueiros 1950-51 Fresco Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City.
The Two Fridas (Las dos fridas) Frida Kahlo Oil on Canvas 1939 Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City
Chimborazo seen from the Tapia Plateau Alexander Von Humboldt Aquatint Ecuador 1810
Coatlicue, Historical and Chronological Description Antonio de Leon y Gama Print Mexico City 1792
Equestrian Sculpture of Charles IV Manuel Tolsa Bronze Mexico City 1803
Harbor, Havana, Cuba Detroit Photographic Company 1898-1914
Description and Plan of Havana Cristobal Roba Pigment on Paper Cuba 1603
Portrait of Dona Mariana Belsunse y Salasar Jose Joaquin Bernejo Oil on Canvas Lima, Peru 1780
Corazon/Aztlan Celia Rodriguez, Tomas Castaneda, and Salvador Torres Mural Painting Chicano Park, San Diego 1973-2007
Portrait of Don Marcos Chiguan Topa Anonymous Artist Oil on Canvas 18th Century
Woven Belt Showing Tupac Amaru II Execution Gregoria Pumayalli Awkakusi 2002
Santiago Matamoros Anonymous Artist Polychrome Sculpture Mexico 17th Century
Entrence of Viceroy Archbishop Morcillo into Potosi Melchor Perez de Holguin Oil on Canvas Potosi, Bolivia ca. 1716
Virgin of the Mountain of Potosi Anonymous Artist Oil on Canvas La Paz, Bolivia 18th century
Angel arquebusero (Angel with gun) Anonymous artist Oil on canvas Peru-Bolivia Late 17th century
Procession of San Cristobal Anonymous artist From Corpus Christi series Cuzco, Peru Late 17th century
Our Lady of Guadalupe Marcos Cipac de Aquino Oil and tempera on canvas (cáñamo) Basílica de Guadalupe México, Distrito Federal Circa 1555
Portrait of Sebastiana Inés de San Agustín Anonymous Oil on canvas 1757
San Pedro de Andahuaylillas Reducción and mission Andahuaylillas (near Cuzco) 16th-17th centuries
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