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c229ad24-56bf-4803-9d48-40fc480aa009.png (image/png) Uprising of the Spirit Enrique Chagoya 1994
daa646ce-45f5-4d7f-9060-669c92c88a67.png (image/png) Half Indian, Half Mexican James Luna 1991
291c821b-06a3-4cc1-bb74-c0052af6e15d.png (image/png) Nepantla Santa C. Barraza 1995
0a00f71e-41c8-4aec-a0b5-e4549a2dff65.png (image/png) La Alma Emanuel Martinez, with Mike Maestas and Al and Fred Sanchez 1977
85c0ac10-5742-49d3-bec8-f55237485b22.png (image/png) Nuestra Madre Yolanda M. Lopez 1981-88
f55e45db-2d22-467d-bf15-49ea47b2cf44.png (image/png) Border Crossing with Haloes Luis Jimenez 1990
5c315b48-fbc6-4d33-87f3-3545962a83fb.png (image/png) The Jungle Wilfredo Lam 1942-43 Goache on paper mounted on canvas Museum of Modern Art, New York
e5bf92ad-78a4-4942-ad8c-471f5218006d.png (image/png) Diver Bomber and Tank Jose Clemente Orozco 1940 Fresco Museum of Modern Art, New York
8d37c174-949b-4543-99c2-d6687cec6958.png (image/png) Dream of a Sunday Afternoon in Almeda Park Diego Rivera 1947 Fresco Hotel del Prado, Mexico City
f09a4fd1-baa9-45d9-b374-1b450bef0091.png (image/png) Man, Controller of the Universe Diego Rivera 1934 Fresco Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City
fac3156a-7e03-49f0-8e76-1a49dbd8b966.png (image/png) Detroit Industry murals, South Wall Diego Rivera 1932-33. 27 Fresco Detroit Institute of Arts
30400df8-c972-49a4-b876-e721833bdfe6.png (image/png) Torment and Apotheosis of Cuauhtemoc (detail) David Alfaro Siqueiros 1950-51 Fresco Palacio de Bellas Artes, Mexico City.
92ca9b40-e987-41e4-bdbd-9ca62216af39.png (image/png) The Two Fridas (Las dos fridas) Frida Kahlo Oil on Canvas 1939 Museum of Modern Art, Mexico City
1d2a4432-27b6-4b1f-83fd-593cfea30f64.png (image/png) Chimborazo seen from the Tapia Plateau Alexander Von Humboldt Aquatint Ecuador 1810
d8e32c5e-8670-41a8-a026-e5c203a29409.png (image/png) Coatlicue, Historical and Chronological Description Antonio de Leon y Gama Print Mexico City 1792
e62be80c-66e7-45bd-8c75-2f53fddf3444.png (image/png) Equestrian Sculpture of Charles IV Manuel Tolsa Bronze Mexico City 1803
8d933bd7-bfb1-4329-a340-168f6df31fb7.png (image/png) Harbor, Havana, Cuba Detroit Photographic Company 1898-1914
f5a7bcd4-2ccd-433b-a6ba-2a75cef6ce43.png (image/png) Description and Plan of Havana Cristobal Roba Pigment on Paper Cuba 1603
5815b5f6-3fbf-4946-846c-2bc11aa97252.png (image/png) Portrait of Dona Mariana Belsunse y Salasar Jose Joaquin Bernejo Oil on Canvas Lima, Peru 1780
b7445f19-99aa-48d6-8352-6ab67d36af68.png (image/png) Corazon/Aztlan Celia Rodriguez, Tomas Castaneda, and Salvador Torres Mural Painting Chicano Park, San Diego 1973-2007
d41fb18f-d7b6-4ffc-b47d-12e7df4522d0.png (image/png) Portrait of Don Marcos Chiguan Topa Anonymous Artist Oil on Canvas 18th Century
ee7f8acf-e759-4139-bbe1-3fcd217bca72.png (image/png) Woven Belt Showing Tupac Amaru II Execution Gregoria Pumayalli Awkakusi 2002
ae47b60a-f519-45fc-8f29-79c6b4cdf7ac.png (image/png) Santiago Matamoros Anonymous Artist Polychrome Sculpture Mexico 17th Century
45494058-3dfa-4bd4-b744-4a293cf7e4fe.png (image/png) Entrence of Viceroy Archbishop Morcillo into Potosi Melchor Perez de Holguin Oil on Canvas Potosi, Bolivia ca. 1716
a037b2e9-aedb-475c-aa04-1dbb8131f7e6.png (image/png) Virgin of the Mountain of Potosi Anonymous Artist Oil on Canvas La Paz, Bolivia 18th century
e9b2d2f1-6e43-4626-b108-332a122d6505.png (image/png) Angel arquebusero (Angel with gun) Anonymous artist Oil on canvas Peru-Bolivia Late 17th century
eaf66924-bf15-4d0c-8f62-52c9d9e371a4.png (image/png) Procession of San Cristobal Anonymous artist From Corpus Christi series Cuzco, Peru Late 17th century
ce2060d5-cbc1-4a89-aa2f-c9a7ed5361cd.png (image/png) Our Lady of Guadalupe Marcos Cipac de Aquino Oil and tempera on canvas (cáñamo) Basílica de Guadalupe México, Distrito Federal Circa 1555
9185abfd-5ec3-4b62-a315-49828f5eee13.png (image/png) Portrait of Sebastiana Inés de San Agustín Anonymous Oil on canvas 1757
a6c2d79c-1ec6-4c59-833a-af73d9af9f26.png (image/png) San Pedro de Andahuaylillas Reducción and mission Andahuaylillas (near Cuzco) 16th-17th centuries