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Saskia Dunkling
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Explain forces: A force can be a push or a pull. For example, when you push open a door you apply a force to the door. You also have to apply a force to pull open a drawer. You cannot see a force but often you can see what it does. Forces can change the speed of something or the direction it is moving. 8d5a53ad-bad4-4055-8e83-9ad9bdfcd230.png (image/png)
What is the difference between weight and mass? Mass is the amount of material something is made of, it is measured in kg. The weight of an object is the force of gravity pulling the object down, it is measured in Newtons. e021c8d3-fc5b-46f3-be9c-5f9259a93c6d.gif (image/gif)
What is Hookes Law? What is elastic limit? Hookes Law states that the stretch will be directly proportional to the force applied to the spring. When the spring reaches its elastic limit then it means that the spring has been stretched too far and cant go back to its original state. 00041d9a-919d-4831-8f62-6b42b640d823.png (image/png)
Explain Balanced forces: List some situations where there are balanced forces working: Balanced forces are when all the forces acting on an object are equal. This could be a plane moving at a constant speed or an apple sitting on a table. 0491c6e4-5175-458c-8c40-ca92c12606a1.png (image/png)
Explain gravity: Gravity is at the centre of the Earth, Sun, Moon and all the other planets. Gravity on the Sun keeps us in its orbit so earth doesn't float away. Earths gravity is what keeps the moon in its orbit and our feet to the floor! There is no gravity in space. But remember... everything has to come down sometimes! e7ef5152-8062-4b27-a1e1-5eff57e9bfae.jpg (image/jpg)
What is Work done? Work done is where you have applied a force to an object. d9c5cbce-ca54-452b-a4c6-55329641ec51.jpg (image/jpg)
What are moments? Give an example... Moments are the turning points of objects. Like if you are using spanner to undo a nut but it is not turning, then you could use a longer spanner to help. 1c412d16-e53a-4081-bebf-7a392911ffa1.jpg (image/jpg)
How do you calculate speed? To find speed = distance divided by time. To find distance = speed time time To find time = distance divided by speed 738ab24b-60d6-4c0c-be0c-4cf532347eb2.gif (image/gif)
Force Multipliers What you multiply a force by to balance out the moments. b76aaa64-07f6-4795-a1ea-ed9a8155d331.png (image/png)