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Diarrhea Change in frequency/consistency of stools
Dysentry Abdominal pain, stool with blood/mucus
E.Coli- Gram Staining Gram -ve bacilli
Coliform Bacteria used to indicate sanitary conditions of food/water
E.Coli- Movement Has peritrichous flagella
E.Coli- Lactose Fermenation Positive
E.Coli- Culture Media Grow on McConkey Agar
E.Coli- Antigens (Somatic) Somatic O- Not species specific & causes many cross reactions
E.Coli- Antigens (Flagellar) Flagellar H (Species specific, fewer cross reactions
E.Coli- Strain Recognition Done through strains H & O combination
Serotype A serologically distinguishable strain, leading to a specific disease syndrome
E.Coli- Common Infections Urinary Tract Infections, Diarrhea
Pathotype Infraspecific pathogen classification based on its pathogenicity in specific hosts
E.Coli- ETEC Enterotoxic E.Coli
E.Coli- ETEC (CFAs) Colonisation Factor Antigens that allow bacteria to bind to intestinal epithelial cells
E.Coli- ETEC (ST) Stable Toxin- released to stimulate cGMP production
E.Coli- ETEC (LT) Labile Toxin- Released to increase cAMP production
E.Coli- ETEC (Effect of ST & LT) Increase lumen electrolytes, leading to diarrhea
E.Coli- ETEC (Infections) Travelers diarrhea, varies from mild to severe
E.Coli- EPEC- Enteropathogenic E.Coli
E.Coli- EPEC (Initial Attachment) Uses bundle forming pili
E.Coli- EPEC (Intimate Attachment) Done through a Type 3 Secretory System
E.Coli- EPEC (LEE) Locus Enteric Effacement- pathogenicity island containing a needle like structure that injects host cell wall with Tir protein
E.Coli- EPEC (Tir Protein) Remains in host cell wall and allows E.Coli to bind using Intimin on bacterial cell wall
E.Coli- EPEC (Effect on Cell) Binding creates lesions that destroy the microvilli
E.Coli- EPEC (Infections) Diarrhea in children under 2
E. Coli- EHEC/STEC/VTEC 3 Names, 1 Strain of E.Coli
E.Coli- EHEC Enterohaemorrhagic E.Coli (due to bloody diarrhea)
E.Coli- STEC Shiga Toxin Producing E. Coli- this strain produces Shiga toxin
E.Coli- VTEC Veryocytoxin Producing E.Coli
E.Coli- EHEC/STEC/VTEC (Infections) Haemorrhagic colitis (blood in feces) and is linked to Serious Haemolytic Uremic Syndrome
E.Coli- EHEC/STEC/VTEC (Reservoir) Cattle
E.Coli- EHEC/STEC/VTEC (Sources) Contaminated meat/vegetables
E.Coli- EHEC/STEC/VTEC (Binding) Binds through pathogenicity islands like EPEC strain
E.Coli- EHEC/STEC/VTEC (Stx Phage) Encodes the Shiga toxin
E.Coli- EHEC/STEC/VTEC (Shiga Secretion) Can't happen- no secretory system- so toxin is released by cell lysis (hence no antibiotics on infection)
E.Coli- EHEC/STEC/VTEC (Receptor GB3) Target of Shiga toxin on Pantch cells (intestine) or kidney epithelial cells
E.Coli- EHEC/STEC/VTEC (Effect of Shiga Toxin) Prevents protein synthesis- leading to RBC lysis and kidney damage
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