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President Bryan Bloch
Vice President Bryan Moodie
Secretary Gail Bloch
Treasurer Bill Broening
Dally end of the rope around the saddle after the animal is caught
Added Money Added to entry fees to make total prize money
Barrier Rope across front of box attached to steer to allow it to get a head start
Bronc Reins Lead rope attached to horses halter for balance while riding a saddle bronc
Chute Holding pen before the ride
Hazer Guy runs along steer to keep it straight and close to the contestant
Pickup Man Cowboy who helps rider off bull or bronc and removes flank strap and leads out animal
Re-ride fouled on the chutes or horse failing to buck hard enough
Rank bull or bronc that's hard to ride
Rowel Bronc riding must be dull or loose Bull riding loosely locked to help rider stay on
Score head start given to steer or calf in timed events
Slack late at night or early morning "extra" contestant
Name the 9 "Great Lakes Circuit States" Wisconsin Minnesota Michigan Ohio Indiana Illinois Kentucky Iowa Missouri
Spanish Root Focuses on style not speed
Wild West Shows Began in 1800s travel the eastern states 50yrs. Bill Cody & Bill Pickett invented bulldogging. Paid performers not like normal rodeos
Early Rodeos Arizona held their first rodeo on july 4th, 1888. 1889 1st bull riding 1917 calf roping was added
Rodeo Organizations 1920s rodeo started to expand. rodeo committees & producers formed 1929 1946 name international Rodeo Association
The PRCA became Pro Rode Cowboy Association 750 rodeos yearly over 11000 members Wrangler Pro Official score an time the competition
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