Quorum Sensing

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Quorum Sensing Allows bacteria to switch between gene expression depending on colony density
AutoInducers- Cells Released By All bacterial cells
AutoInducers- Threshold As population increases, [AI] increases to a threshold that alters gene expression
AutoInducers- Why The genes expressed at each density benefit the colony as a whole
Vibrio Fischeri- Genes Activated at HCD Bioluminesence, hiding the squid in which it lives from predation
Vibrio Fischeri- How Does It Work? Bioluminesence prevents the squid from being seen from below at night
Vibrio Fischeri- During The Day Most bacteria are ejected- the colonies become low density and stop the bioluminescence
AutoInducers- Gram +ve Bacteria Produce peptides (directly encoded by genes)
AutoInducers- Gram +ve Species Signalling Only signal within the species
AutoInducers- Gram -ve Based of Acyl Homoserine Lactones (varies by the R group)
Vibrio Fisheri- Lux I Gene that produces the autoinducer
Vibrio Fisheri- LuxR Cytoplasmic receptor and transcription regulator
Quorum Sensing In Gram -ve At HCD Autoinducers can diffuse through the membrane to a cytoplasmic receptor/transcription factor
Quorum Sensing In Gram +ve At HCD- Autoinducer Production Autoinducer must be transported out of cell & its tail cleaved (usually by the protein transporting it)
Quorum Sensing In Gram +ve At HCD- Receptor Histadine Protein Kinase Receptor
Quorum Sensing In Gram +ve At HCD- CDB Cytoplasmic DNA Binding Regulator is Phosph. with P from histadine one receptor
Quorum Sensing In Gram +ve At HCD- DNA Transcription Done by CBD
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