P4b- Uses of electrostatics

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name 3 uses of static electricity restarting the heart- defibrillators; reducing smoke particles in chimneys- dust precipitators; spraying
explain how defibrillators work paddles charged+put in good electrical contact with patient's chest; defibrillator discharges into patient; charge passes through them to make the heart contract
how do dust precipitators remove smoke particles from chimneys?? dust passes through charged metal plates/grids; becomes charged; attracted to earthed plates; forms larger particles; falls back down chimney
the metal plates in dust precipitators are at a high what?? voltage
diagram of electrostatic dust precipitators: ph_elect28.gif (image/gif)
this is a man with defibrillators: defibrillator.jpg (image/jpg)
what happens when you touch an electrostatic generator?? electrostaticchargethingy.jpg (image/jpg)
how does crop spraying work?? paint gun negatively charged; paint particles negatively charged; repel+spread out; panel positively charged; paint attracted to panel
what charge is the car panel after it has been sprayed?? no charge/neutral
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