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FARM-Africa helps the development of rural Africa.

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Aid Project name? FARM - Africa
What does NGO mean? Non-Governmental Organisation
How is it funded? Voluntary donations
When was it founded and why? In 1985 to reduce rural poverty.
What 5 African countries is FARM-Africa run in? Ethiopia, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.
How long has it been operating in Ethiopia? Since 1988.
RURAL WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT - problem Few opportunities for Ethiopian women to make money = low quality of life and struggle to afford things.
RURAL WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT - What's being done ->TRAINING and LIVESTOCK to start farming. -> LOAN SCHEMES so women can start up businesses (bakeries/coffee shops) ->LEGAL TRAINING to advise other women of their rights.
RURAL WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT - Helping... 15 160 people.
RURAL WOMEN'S EMPOWERMENT - Sustainability Businesses continue to grow and make money which can be used as a future resource.
PROSOPIS MANAGEMENT - Problem A plant introduced by the government to stabilize soils has become a pest - invades grazing land.
PROSOPIS MANAGEMENT - What's being done Farmers are shown how to convert this into animal feed.
PROSOPIS MANAGEMENT - Helping... 4400 households.
PROSOPIS MANAGEMENT - Sustainability Once taught technique they can carry on using it.
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT - Problem ->Frequent draughts makes farming difficult ->Remote region, so getting veterinary care for livestock is difficult
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT - What's being done -> Loans given to buy small water pumps ->People are trained in basic veterinary care so they can help keep livestock healthy
COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT PROJECT - Sustainability ->More crops and animals can be farmed ->But if too much water is used there won't be any left for other people
SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT - Problem ->Forests are cut down to make land for crops/livestock ->Trees = firewood ->Means that there are reduced resources for future generations.
SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT - What's being done -> Communities are taught how to produce honey + coffee ->Can make money without cutting down trees ->Taught how to make fuel-efficient stoves which use less wood
SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT - Helping... 7500 communities.
SUSTAINABLE FOREST MANAGEMENT - Sustainability ->Trees for future generations. ->People can make money.
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