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When was NSC68? April 1950
What was the jump in defence spending with NSC68? $14mil to $44mil
What is the acronym for what strategy depends on? JURI
What does JURI stand for? Judgement, Uncertainty, Rationality, Interdepedence
What two things does formulating strategy depend on? Your own capabilities, and your enemy being a rational actor
What is acronym for remembering what Military Technique is? CMT
What is Military Technique? (CMT) Concepts, Methods, Training
What does Stone say Military Technique can do? Mitigate friction
What is Edward Luttwak's quote on Military Technique? Conspicuously successful military-technical developments tend to galvanise equally successful counter-measures.
What is Military Technique not a substitute for? Judgement
What did Colin Gray say about formulating strategy, in regards to interdependence? It is easier to theorise about new ways of prevailing than to speculate honestly and imaginatively about possible enemy responses and initiatives
What is Thomas Schelling's analogy for a Limited War? A successful employees’ strike is not one that destroys the employer financially, it may even be one that never takes place. Something similar could true of war
What did Von Moltke say about the link between strategy and politics? Strategy serves politics best by working for its aim, but by retaining maximum independence in the achievement of this aim. Politics should not interfere with operations.
What is Total War? Total war is a war in which a belligerent engages in the complete mobilization of fully available resources and population
What did Rosen say Limited War is for? In limited war, military force isn’t about fighting, it’s about signalling
Who came up with 4th Generation Warfare? William Lind
What is 4th Generation Warfare? Decentralised wars, probably state vs NSA. State loses Monopoly on war
What is Full Spectrum Operations? A mixture of offensive, defensive, stability, and civil support
What is The Comprehensive Approach An approach involving the political, civilian, and military instruments of problem solving
Hajo Holborn’s \What?
What does Stone say strategy is? The instrumental link between military means and intended political end
What did Colin Gray say about creating strategy? Easier to come up with strategies than to predict enemy reactions
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