Strategy - Massive Retaliation

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What does SIOP stand for? Single Integrated Operational Plan
Which SIOP governed MR and when was it issued? SIOP 62 (1960)
What did SIOP 62 outline? Targeting all communist states and satellites. Not very flexible
What happened in 1948 which underscored the need for a nuclear doctrine? Berlin crisis
What did NSC68 outline? That Soviets were the threat and that they needed containing
What event in 1950 strengthened the containment case in NSC68? Korean War
What % of the Defence budget under New Look went to Air Force? 47%
What are we all richer today because of? Massive retaliation saving money
What is Massive Retaliation vulnerable to? First strike attack by Soviets
What did New Look emphasizes? Nuclear weapons will take over from conventional forces
What is the Balance of Terror? The tenuous peace that existed between the two countries as a result of both governments being terrified at the prospect of a world-destroying nuclear war
What sort of stability was MR bad for? Strategic stability
What NSC outlined Massive Retaliation? NSC 162/2
Who had the force ratio advantage at start of CW? NATO believed that Soviet's had advantage
What did Samuel Wells say US was doing post WWII and Korean War? Recovering financially
What did Samuel Wells say Eisenhower campaigned on? Lowering spending
What did Dulles say the US couldn't match with the Soviets? The US couldn't match Soviet expansion
Who made the 'Massive Retaliation' speech? SofS John Dulles
When was the New Look policy released? 1955
What did New Look advocate? Balancing military commitments with financial resources
What did Eisenhower want to avoid in the US? A garrison state
What undermined Massive Retaliation? The Soviet's also having nuclear weapons
What good thing did Massive Retaliation do? Pushed actors to negotiating table
What did Michael Howard say about Massive Retaliation? It should be judged not as doctrine but as “diplomatic communication”
What's the problem with Massive Retaliation? It doesn't provide flex for dealing with small wars
When was the 'Massive Retaliation' speech? January 1954
When was Massive Retaliation used? 1953-1961
What is Massive Retaliation? Aggression by SU will lead to a massive US strike to destroy SU as military, society, and economic