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What SIOP applied during FR? SIOP 63
When did SIOP 63 apply? 1962
What did SIOP 63 offer? More flexibility and a reserve force. Could control escalation of war
What was in the Nuclear Triad? Strategic bombers, SLBMs, and ICBMs
What did McNamara introduce after the Cuban Missile Crisis? Assured Destruction
What is Assured Destruction? The ability for the US to absorb a first strike but still destroy 30% of Soviet population and 50% of industrial base
What undermined FR? Nuclear parity between the superpowers
What did the Joint Chiefs of Staff nickname JFKs advisors? The Whizz Kids
What measures were introduced with FR to improve survivability? Nuclear Triad and half of SAC being on permanent alert
What is the Two and a Half War doctrine? US could fight two large regional wars and a brushfire war at the same time
What did McNamara say FR would eventually make the aggressor reconsider? Force the aggressor to confront costs and risks disproportionate to his initial objectives
What undermined containment? If you couldn't act on a limited level
Where did JFK think SU expansion would be? On the periphery
What did Flexible Response attempt to do? Sought to reapply some proportionality between costs and benefits in countering SU
What was needed to maintain leverage with Flexible Response? Second Strike
What was required in tandem with Flexible Response doctrine? Conventional force to use in limited ways
What was the problem with NATO and Flexible Response? NATO didn't like it. They preferred a modest conventional force as a tripwire before going nuclear
What did Bernard Brodie say? Military was about wining wars. Now about avoiding them
What is Flexible Response? Ability to respond across whole spectrum of warfare
What did JFK think of Massive Retaliation? JFK thought MR irrelevant as SU wouldn't attack US Moves would be on the periphery