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Was a series of breaking laws. It was started by congress after Gandhi was imprisoned after the Salt march. Civil Disobedience
During this movement, individuals took responsibility for their own campaigns. Happenned between august 1933 and March 1934. Mass arrests took place (inc. Gandhis arrest). Indians lost all fear and respect of the British. Individual Civil Disobedience
Happened in 1942. This was Gandhi's final mass protest. It resulted in violence. It ended by the end of 1942 by force from the British. It included a resolution in August 1942. Quit India Movement
Part of non-cooperation movements. A protest mob burned to death 22 policemen. Congress were split. Gandhi ended the movement 1 day after this event. Chauri Chaura
This was the first campaign after non-cooperation ended. Started 12th March 1930. Gandhi chose 78 supporters for the movement. It was a boycott of the salt tax. It gained mass support and attracted world press. The movement was compared to a pilgrimage. The salt march
Happened in 1919. Centred on indigo farmers in Bihar. Aimed to reduce land rent. The movement was a success. Used press and telegrams. Used hartals (strikes) and swadesh (boycotts). 1st non cooperation movement.
Gandhi backed this muslim movement. Aimed to protect the caliphs (leaders of ottoman empire). It united Hindus and muslims. Caused an anti-British feeling in india. Khilafat
Happened in 1921. In response to British support for Dyer. Used Swadesh, speeches, and publicly burned British cloth. It became very violent and was ended by Gandhi. It was considered unsuccessful and divided Hindus and Muslims. Gandhi was Imprisoned. 2nd non cooperation movement.
This was part of the 2nd non cooperation movement Muslims turned on Hindus and forced 2500 to convert to Islam. 600 were killed. martial law/troops were called in. Happenned early 1921. Moplah Rebellion
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