Home Rule and Ghadr 1916

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Home Rule and Ghadr 1916
1 Home Rule Leagues
1.1 Key People
1.1.1 Annie Besant Led All India Home Rule League About 30,000 members Covered most of India
1.1.2 Tilak Focused on just 2 regions About 32,000 members
1.2 Aim: self-government within the empire
1.3 Illegal:went against 1915 defence of India act
1.4 What?
1.4.1 Toured country
1.4.2 Speeches
1.4.3 Pamphlets
1.5 Success
1.5.1 British saw it as a threat
1.5.2 Gained support from Congress moderates
1.5.3 First mass movement
1.6 Failure
1.6.1 Didn't achieve aims
1.6.2 Besant imprisoned
1.6.3 Tilak charged with sedition
1.6.4 Didn't achieve targets
1.6.5 Campaigners arrested
1.7 Result: Montagu decleration 1917
2 Ghadr Movement
2.1 Early movements of Pathans
2.1.1 Winter 1914-15 Hindus in the army afraid they would be led by Muslims
2.1.2 1916 Indian troops in Singapore Heard about the death toll at the Somme Heard a rumour they would be sent to France Rampaged killed European civillians and women 37 ringleaders executed Order quickly established
2.2 Mutiny that never happened
2.2.1 Early 1914 300 Sikhs left to go to Canada
2.2.2 They were denied entry
2.2.3 After a few months they returned to Calcutta
2.2.4 British were paranoid as knew there anti-British Indians in Canada
2.2.5 Troops escorted the Sikhs to holding camps
2.2.6 Some tried to ecape, 22 shot
2.2.7 The rest transported around India
2.2.8 An official inquiry blamed Sikhs
2.2.9 Inflamed anti-British feeling in Punjab
2.2.10 Secret Police watched politics in Punjab
2.2.11 1915-Information led to break up of planned uprising
2.2.12 5,000 arrested, 200 jailed,46 hanged
2.2.13 British lost support of previosly loyal Punjab
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