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Why did Indian troops in Singapore mutiny in 1916? They had heard about the death rates at the Somme and were afraid they would have been sent to France
In 1916 how many ringleaders were executed? 37
How many Sikhs chartered a ship to Canada in 1914? 300
In 1914 why did Sikhs not go into Canada? They were denied entry
Why were the Sikhs taken to a holding camp? British were paranoid due to anti-British Indians in Canada
What happened as a result of the British paranoia? They lost the loyalty of Punjab
What did inside information tell the British was going to happen in 1915? An uprising
Who did an official enquiry find responsible for the events of 1914? Sikh immigrants
What's the name of the most significant mutiny? The mutiny that never happened
What does ghadr mean? Mutiny
Why did Hindu troops mutiny in 1914-15? They were afraid of being led by Muslim officers
How many Sikhs were shot for trying to escape the holding camp? 22
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